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Hello, Gorgeous!

Happy New Year!

I'm a bit behind the curve here, do forgive. We packed up the Potter Family Circus yet again and moved into yet another new home. I've been recovering from an array of bacterial infections throughout my respiratory system and digging out of a mountain of boxes and wrapping since. Whee! There has been considerable progress, but I'm feeling a bit run down today so it's slowed to a snail's pace. The good news is that we bought this house, so there's no rush to get it all done. It also means we won't be moving again for a while.


In the meantime, the unbelievable dumpster fire of 2017 has been ushered out to make way for the pristine promise of 2018. Behold the blank page, behold the trembling hand poised to write a bold new story.

Oh the promise! Oh the wonder! Oh the joy!

Truth told, I'm less inclined to make resolutions and sweeping declarations about my new year goals and plans than I once was. Perhaps it's that I've become more flexible, perhaps it's the realization that every moment offers us the potential for a fresh start, or perhaps I'm hesitant after my best laid plans went wildly astray a few too many times. My guiding thought for this year is 'forward motion.' This gives me a lot of room for improvisation.

My new book-pausing for a moment of shameless self promotion (Fifty and Other F-words with Sterling Publishing)-debuts in May, so that's the bulk of my focus for the time being. The thing is, I'm still trying to figure out how the book fits into the mix or how it refocuses the lens. How do I best position it on the internet? Since it is no longer titled The Lady Party, it has led me to ponder.

I have started and abandoned an epic crap ton of projects online over the past 14 years searching for the sweet spot. So many babies and so much bath water tossed hither and yon. Is The Lady Party yet another errant baby destined for the wayside? Are there promising new babies poised precariously over bathtubs awaiting my attention?

Is the baby/bathwater metaphor freaking you out?

Do forgive.

Whatever transpires, I promise to keep you posted, gentle readers.



  1. I like the intention of "forward motion" as there is a whole lot of positivity to propel you with that one! I also love the adventure in homeowning that you are on and look forward to seeing how you make that space your own. I have yet to truly make my space my own. Maybe I need to commit to adding color to one room this year. And I look forward to your book as I will be celebrating my big 5-0 in August. Time to embrace the bold new possibilities that a new decade will bring! Enjoy the day and be well! Erin

  2. Color brings a room to life, try one room and see where it leads! Paint's cheap. Kinda.

    Here's to forward motion and to the fabulous fifties! You've got this!!


  3. Love to every project you put your hands in/on!!!
    Moving forward is exciting!! Go go go!! Xoxox -Kiki

    1. Thank you for your shining, sparkling light, my Technicolor friend! xoxo, Madge

  4. Close one door and another one opens and whatever it is will be magic 💗 Moving forward is so exciting.

  5. Moving forward - yes! I'm still struggling to find my footing this year, but, we're only 5 days in. Waiting for my mojo to catch up with my intentions, I guess. Wherever you go, there you are, and make the best of it! That's what I need to keep telling myself.

  6. Love the moving forward. I too have stepped over the 5-0 threshold and no longer make all these new years resolutions- just to abandon them within the first month. Instead I too look for the forward motion of progress not perfection. Love your blog


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