More Fun with Mid-Life!

"Our house, is a very, very, very fine house.
With three dogs in the yard,
Life used to be so hard.
Now everything is easy..." Graham Nash

Well...everything is less difficult.

Or...most things are less difficult.

There are still a few difficult things, but the surroundings are much less so.

Yes, that's it.

There is still so much to do, in the yard, in the house. Here, there, everywhere. We have a stairway, doors, stairs, and hall to paint, a guest room that also needs a wall and trim refresh, a yard in desperate need of landscaping and a privacy fence. I have a video studio to set up and start using. There are boxes to sift through and decisions to be made about ejecting more of the crap I keep hauling around.

It's amazing how much I have released and how much I still possess. Just because we bought a house does not mean I want to gather more things. I'm digging the empty spaces these days.

I'm also thinking deeply about how to make money to help pay for the expenses of our house. Even though I've sold a real book, I am not making steady money as a writer. I'm not even sure how one goes about doing that. I lack an agent. I lack connections. I lack insight. This is a new career for me. I keep thinking, as much as I put myself out there some agent or editor or content platform arbiter will surely be tempted by my rapier wit and insightful insights.

Sign that brilliant woman, stat!

And yet...

There's the DIY career. I have this fresh new studio and it's been eyeing me suspiciously, "Well, Madge, are you going to MAKE things or what?"

If I do make things, how do I make that make money? That's a mostly rhetorical question. No one wants to pay designers. Craft magazines and books have all but disappeared. Manufactures rely on bloggers willing to work for free product. I have had so many 'incredible opportunities' appear and disappear I feel like I'm an assistant in the world's shittiest magic show. Things have changed. I can't do anything about that, but I can't pay the bills with glitter and glue sticks.

Do I design craft products and kits and use live and recorded DIY based video to drive traffic and sales?

Should I create a finished jewelry line for women over 50?

Should I learn the fine art of pastry making and open a coffee shop?

Or with Fifty and Other F-words (shameless self promotion and affiliate link) coming in May, should I work harder to build my platforms as an "Over 50 Media Influencer?"

Does that mean I have to find someone to take photos of me in cool 'older lady defies fashion rules' outfits in front of cool backgrounds and hope the cool rule defying older ladies on Insta like me? I can't afford couture, I am not slender, and I'm not tall. Therefore the cool old lady outfits don't look quite as cool on me as they do on the tall, thin, high cheek boned, couture clad women of a certain age. There are a few less tall, thin, high cheek boned gals in the over 50 social media realm, but they're the exception to the norm. I can be an exception galdangy! My question we need a hot pink coiffed wildly inappropriate woman over 50 with ample curves, rampant potty mouth syndrome, and a thrift shop budget posing in front of cool backgrounds on social media?

More importantly, is that what I want to do with my time?

I mean, sure, that sounds fun and I love playing dress-up, but is it rich, resonant, ripe? Does it add anything of value to the conversation? How do I take the message of my book and this website and all of my talents in performing, writing, and creating and amplify it? I'm not everyone's cup of tea, and I am not going to be less political or outrageous or less outspoken...because being myself and encouraging other women to be themselves without fear or apology is a huge part of my message.

How do I get that message to those women who will receive it?

Do women over 50 even want that message?

That's the question.

Are you a woman over 50? Do you want that message?

Should I ask five more questions?

Your heartfelt advice will be lovingly accepted, but I'm a stubborn bitch and likely to keep forging my own pathway.



  1. Let me be very, very clear:


    I love all of this (and will be buying your book), but I am especially saying YES to the hot pink coiffed, wildly inappropriate woman over 50, with ample curves, rampant potty mouth syndrome and a thrift store budget on social media.

    The message of being comfortable being ourselves (I’m 52) is SO TIMELY. As the first wave of Gen Xers hitting their 50s, we can provide a roadmap for those who come after who want to continue to be the Adam Ant-loving, combat boot-wearing girls we have always been.

    I have been on a journey to embrace the real me - the Me I was in my teens and early 20s - for the last five years or so. As I’ve written about the things that are important to me, and as I’ve posred photos of my fashion choices, so many women have told me they are inspired by my fearlessness. And I’m an AVID thrifter with 20 extra lbs and no cheekbones in sight.

    I’d love to talk to you about this subject more, as it’s super important to me. I am feeling like we should do something together. Ever considered a podcast?? 😁

  2. We should talk, email me! We've got plenty to offer to the conversation, and even more to expand it!

    Rock on,

  3. "Does it add anything of value to the conversation?" There it is. The question you should keep asking yourself - the question that will keep you going in the right direction. I'm well over 50 now and if I've finally discovered anything on my path to creating my retirement business, it is: Be authentic. The value is in being who you are and letting people see that. I think you're in a process of discovery, which is exciting, fun AND painful. But you'll get there!


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