Look Ma, No Hands

Apparently, my blogging slump as ceased. Here I am, blogging again. Look ma, no hands!

Actually, I'm using my hands. So that is an inapt or inept analogy. Do forgive. It's still early and I had trouble sleeping last night because Mr. Potter is away. Also because dogs. Speaking of no hands, dogs feel it is necessary to shimmy themselves into every nook and cranny of my body while I'm asleep causing me to wake up in contortions that defy the laws of physics. This gives me pause...or more aptly, paws.

Oh dogs, why must you vex me so?

Oh Madge, why must you vex us with your horrid puns? 

In other news, last night was epic! So much happened and so much of it was ground breaking and hopeful. Where I live, several bastions of conservatism were flipped Democrat for the first time in, perhaps ever. It was such a good feeling standing in a line to vote yesterday, because these local and state elections are often not well attended. People are engaged again, and that's a good sign for our Republic. We need that continued pull of opposing ideologies, without that we lose what makes this political experiment actually great. I had begun to lose hope and faith that divergent voices and views would hold sway after Citizens United and the last big election. Hope is not lost, and regardless of how you vote or what you believe, a healthy discourse that reflects a myriad of views is a good thing. Without that, we may as well be North Korea.

Knocks on wood.

Don't even say it out loud, Madge.

In other news, Jean Calomeni from Snoring Dog Studio gifted me with a gift certificate to use on her website. She's a surface designer with a plethora of pleasing products for people to peruse and purchase. Hi thee yon! Ye will be glad that ye did.

Other good news! My book has yet another new title. This is the final answer, Regis. The powers that be have nixed F it, I'm 50, F* it, I'm 50, F&^% it, I'm 50...and it goes without saying yet I'm saying it Fuck it, I'm 50. I pitched that title after months of back and forth on a litany of other options, including Welcome to The Lady Party. I tried, but sales was not having it. I was given until the end of the day yesterday to regroup...and thankfully I pitched a title that we can all support.

Fifty, and Other F-words by Margot Potter for Sterling Publishing

Request it at a bookstore near you for the May 1, 2018 release, or request that they invite me for a book signing event. I plan on making those into live Lady Parties. If all goes well, I'll be on tour next spring. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

I am off to finish a DIY tutorial for Cocktails Cupcakes Crafts and maybe even stamp up something fun for ICanMakeMetalStampedJewelry. I have two other blogs, dontcha know. Did you know? Now you know! Huzzah.



  1. How cool is that? Your book! I like the title. Short, pithy, easy to remember. I'm all over that when it arrives in the stores.

    I fell into a deep pit of despair last November. I lifted myself out of it, fortunately without the aid of alcohol and drugs. But, I've had moments, mind you, when I thought about leaving this country. For about 4 months after the election, I stopped looking at and listening to the news. I gradually got back to getting in touch because I don't think we can stay unengaged and expect for change to happen. I respect those who've checked out completely, though. Then, this past week, hope entered my soul again. Margot, if you have time, check out Van Jones. I heard him on NPR and he brought me some hope, too.

    AND THANK YOU for the shout out! As a blogger, you know how meaningful it is when someone comments on your blog. So, I'll express my appreciation again.

    1. It's been a long, hard year for a lot of us. Still, knowing there are a lot of us helps. Two women I met on the way to the Women's March in DC ran for office and won! They helped turn a long standing red county blue! That's good stuff! Love Van Jones!

      And it's my pleasure, thank you for commenting here! I greatly appreciate it!


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