Slow Blogging

Apparently, I'm slow blogging now. Oh yeah, slow blogging.

That sounds a lot better than I've been in a fall funk and finding it difficult to get motivated. Or, year two of The Empty Nest is somehow proving more difficult than year one. Or Mr. Potter is away for another extended trip overseas and I'm alone with three irritating dogs on a farm in the middle of nowhere staring at a field of brown, dead cornstalks.

Or...what have you.


Whatever you're having, and however you slice it, I'm coming up for air to say hello, good day, hi thee ho, and Happy Hallowe'en. I hope this finds you well and feeling less funky than this blogger. But if you're feeling funky, I got you. You're not alone. Sometimes the only way to get over the funk is to march right into it and keep marching until you reach the sunny side.

This is the part where I share sage advice which is really mostly me giving myself a pep talk on the internet. You can do this! This too shall pass! You got this! It be alright! Cheer up, Charlie!

The good news is that we're getting closer to buying a house. That means we will have to move again. The thought of daunting, but the thought of being settled into a new home where I can breathe better and have room for a studio and feel less isolated is exciting.

In other good news I'm this close to the final, final edits on my manuscript for the new book. The new book is tentatively titled F*%$ it, I'm 50: Reflections from the Rearview Mirror. It may end up as Fuck it, or F* it, or F it...but I hope at the very least it's F*&%. What does F star even mean?

There are also the heady revelations of Mueller's investigation beginning to bear fruit (and by fruit I mean three bad apples) balanced by the question on everyone's mind, "Will Tweetmiser spoil all of the fun with a flurry of firings and pardons?" Will the GOP keep their laser like focus on Tax cuts for the Ruling Class while ignoring the elephant in the oval office, finally returning us to the Gilded Age when America was great for a handful of Captains of Industry and not so much for the rest of us? Will the steady stream of Russian propaganda keep the masses distracted by 'her emails' and vague promises of a return to a Golden Age of unbridled racism, sexism, and shoving LGBTQ people back into the closet?

Will they FINALLY be able to say, "Merry Christmas!" again?

So many little time.

Most importantly, will Madge find her way through the funk and back to the FUN?

Stay tuned for the answers to these and many other random questions, on the next episode of Slow Blogging for Menopausal Mavens. I hope you get a bucket full of delicious candy and none of those pesky raisins! (Nature's candy my arse.)



  1. Interestingly, the kids each got a few boxes of raisins from trick or treating tonight. They were immediately tossed in the trash. Sadly in these times, who gives kids treats that aren't sealed up tightly?

  2. And I'm sorry you're in a funk. I wasn't ignoring that whole thing - I've just been shaking my head over the raising all evening. Hope you're out of your funk and back to being shiny and sparkly soon!

    1. Funks pass, I'm a fall funk kinda gal! Love you much!

  3. Funks are there for a reason. When I figure that out, I'll let you know, but when I'm in one, I just go with it. They pass. They really do. I take comfort in seeing the wheels of justice turning. I'm encouraged by seeing and hearing the voices of women throughout the world screaming "Enough!" And, I cuddle with my chihuahua who never ever seems to get in a funk!


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