Never Say Never Again


Never say never again.

If you do that, the Universe will be sure to prove you incorrect. The Universe is a dirty trickster.

This is what one might call a vague and obtuse blog post. Do try to control your excitement.

My first assessment may yet prove correct...but we'll see. Well, I'll see. You'll either see or you won't see depending on whether I was correct or the Universe has definitely proven me incorrect. I'll keep you posted, but only if the Universe prevails.


When I met my husband, after what I have dubbed a series of unfortunate relationships, I had said never again only months before. I really meant it, too. Getting married and having children was not on my docket. No, thank you. Then it was on my docket. Okay, well, yes! Just like that, a tangential side road appeared and I took it.

Hello, Side Road!


I said never again two years ago. After that defiant proclamation I dyed my hair hot pink and got a tattoo. I also started talking rather boldly about politics on the internet. At the time, I felt that I had nothing left to lose. I had already lost everything, professionally speaking. I decided that the secret to my success was being myself without filters. This blog is me without filters. My Lady Party LIVE events are me without filters. My rampant potty mouth, radical liberal feminist rants, technicolor hair, and glitter encrusted fingernails are me without filters. I felt, at 53 almost 54, I'd earned the right to let my freak flag fly.



Then the Universe showed up this week with an unexpected new plan and all bets are off. Not that I can't be me, because who the hell else would I be at this point? I just may need to dial me back a skootch, add a few filters, take it down a few notches. After all, I am three notches too loud and five notches too sparkly. Would a notch or two be that big of a deal?


With the preponderance of almost but not quite scenarios over the past few years, I'm cautiously optimistic or optimistically skeptical. It's a dichotomy, to be sure. Still, one never knows when that never again you proclaimed might transform into a maybe and then bloom into a HELL YES!



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