Dogsters Ice Cream Style Treats for Dogs

We met the folks from Dogsters at BlogHer, and they sent us some coupons for our dogs to try their ice cream style treats for dogs. I have to be honest, I wasn't sure what to think about ice cream for dogs. It's summer, and our puppies get hot, so I was willing to give them a try. I picked up a box of mint flavored treats and we took them for a test drive this morning. Well, I did not test drive them, but The Three Dogmigos did. I'll let them speak for themselves...

We like to wake up Mom around 6:30 am. Whee, let's go!

What is this box thing? I cannot eat this box thing. Wait, what's Mom got there?

Yay, treats! 
Oh no! It's all gone. 

I think we have a winner, folks! I love that Dogsters are made in the USA. I also love that Gerald Shrieber, President and CEO of J&J Snack Foods, created SAFE, an organization which supports, among other causes, education for animal welfare and cruelty prevention programs. Our three doggies were rescued from the ASPCA.

This is me with Tiny, the adorable star of Pup Star, Better2Together. We met at BlogHer. I filmed an interview with Tiny, hopefully I'll have a link for that in the near future! Dogsters are featured in the film.

You can find a list of grocery stores that carry Dogsters on their website...or leave a comment and I'll pick one lucky US reader to win a free coupon for a box of Dogsters Ice Cream Style Treats on Friday.

Good luck!


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  1. I like your morning wake up, and schedule. My little furry love does similar things :)


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