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We have three little rescue dogs. I call them The Three Dog-migos. They're a rag tag bunch of misfits, much like their owners. Two are terrier mixes, and stubborn as the day is long, which is pretty long this time of year. Our Shih-Poo mix front and center has learned to be equally stubborn from his friends.

Don't let those sweet faces fool you!

Getting them to come when we call can be challenging sometimes. We live in a barn apartment on a farm filled with all manner of animals that wander past our gate. We have a small fenced in yard, which The Three Dog-migos vociferously defend from peacocks, barn cats, other dogs, horses, cows, and the occasional nonplussed sheep. Once they start barking, it's tough getting them back inside. Treats help, but most treats are pretty much junk food. That's why I was excited to try these bite sized soft chew supplements from Zesty Paws. Omega Bites, Mobility Bites, and Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil are all natural, flavorful supplements. Our dogs love them, and they're good for them. It's a win-win!

Here's some info about these supplements from Zesty Paws:

Omega Bites: Delicious bacon-flavored chewable supplements with all-natural ingredients that will keep your dog healthy from the inside out. These treats feature Omega-3 fatty acid that provides vital nutrients for healthy skin and coats, as well as cardiovascular function, while Vitamin E and Flaxseed Meal nourishes the coat and aids the digestive system.

Mobility Bites: Jam-packed with premium all-natural ingredients to help maintain hip and joint health. Featuring a powerful blend of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, this mobility-boosting formula ensures that your dog will remain active and healthy for years to come.

Salmon Oil: An all-natural dietary supplement with Wild Alaskan Salmon, which features Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to deliver premium nourishment to dogs and cats of all sizes. The EPA and DHA sourced from the Omega-3 in our specialized supplement delivers vital nutrients to support proper joint function, heart health and skin/coat condition, as well as enhancing the immune system.

Good news, they're not stinky! They're also not filled with artificial colors and ingredients. The bites are soft and easy to cut into smaller pieces if you want to divvy them up throughout the day. So far, they're a hit. The Salmon oil works great on dog food, though our dogs eat more like cats, so we keep food out 24/7. If you do the same, maybe consider a smaller portion with the salmon oil on it so they don't eat the whole bowl of food in one gulp! Which they might, because this is apparently tasty stuff! I'm going to leave it to the dogs to decide that. Oh, and more good news, the salmon oil is also great for cats!

Zesty Paws is a fully transparent manufacturer of natural pet supplements. They list every ingredient. They also do exhaustive research to ensure that everything that goes into their products are beneficial to your pet. Best of all, their products are made in the USA under strict guidelines, ensuring your pet is getting the best possible nutrition. And let's face it, we want the best for our pets!


Just look at those happy faces! Zesty Paws supplements? Pet tested, pet approved.


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