Hey Target, I Have an Idea!

Hey Target, hey!

We've been pals for many, many years. You've seen me through my many, many changes. From my faux FiestaWare college plates and floral Laura Ashley inspired college bedding to my daughter's diaper covers and a plethora of pleasing pillows. Together we've explored a lifetime of kicky shoes, knifty knick-knacks, affordable clothing, stylish accessories, and charming gifts...you've got it all and it's always dished up with an extra dose of trend savvy cuteness. Plus, I applaud your stance on LGBTQ rights.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I like you. I really, really like you.

It's just, lately, the clothes and accessories in the women's department have been lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. They're kinda...meh. I find myself less and less tempted to peruse them and less and less tempted to buy them. Maybe it's me...or maybe it's you...or maybe it's both of us...

However, I never miss an opportunity to check out at the Cat and Jack line in the kid's department. How do I love these clothes and accessories? Um, SO MUCH! I have squealed with delight on multiple occasions in front of the display. The styles above don't even scratch the surface of the delights of this line. I have purchased Cat and Jack pieces for my nieces, secretly wishing they came in my size. I'm half tempted to go on a diet and exercise program so I can fit into the size L.

It's just that diets are so hard and, ahem, maybe I'm too old for kid's clothes.

I was thinking...what if you took the best of the Cat and Jack line prints and concepts and retooled the styles for older women's bodies and style sensibilities? I mean, over 50 women, like me. We're sorely lacking in fashion choices. Not all of us are into stretch capris and oversized t-shirts. We don't want to fade into the background. We don't want to buy 'old lady' clothes. We're still here! We like to have fun! We'd love to have a whimsical, well designed line of clothing just for us. Heck lots of younger women would love these clothes! I'm thinking sizes bigger than juniors, including plus sizes. Yes?

You could call it Cate and Jacqueline.

See what I did there?

I'm going to be honest, this would not be right for every gal. Still, based on my own highly scientific research...which was comprised of standing in front of the Cat and Jack display and asking random female shoppers if they'd love these clothes in their size. Every woman I spoke with said yes (and not one of them had hot pink hair.)

We can't rule out the possibility that they said yes because they were afraid to say no to the enthusiastic hot pink haired lady conducting a random survey in the aisle of Target.

But I digress, I think this idea is a winner. I know you're dropping Merona and Mossimo. We can all agree, it's time. Your four new brands are divine, but why not save a skootch of that real estate for Cate and Jacqueline? You could use the tag line "Whimsical Trend Savvy Styles for Women"...or "Cat and Jack's Much Older Sister"...or "When You Get Old Enough to Digress Back Into Kid's Clothes"...or "For the Modern Woman with a Sense of Fun!"

I think you catch what I'm throwing down.

Feel free to toss it back! If you have any questions, shoot me an email. I have lots of ideas!

Also, while we're here, I'm also head over heels in love with the Pillowfort brand. Might you consider making the bedding in larger sizes for grown-up people beds? I'd be all over that!

(None of these links are affiliate based, I just really like these lines!)



  1. Hope Target agrees with you. I went shopping there a few weeks ago and could not find one thing that suited me. Albeit I'm significantly over 50, I do love some fun clothes now and then.

    1. They have some new lines in the works, so hopefully the clothing section will get more exciting in the coming months! It would be fun to bring some of this Cat and Jack whimsy into women's clothing! They designed this line with kids, maybe they should consider designing women's lines with...women!

  2. and let's fix the designer collections that sell out before they ever hit the stores please.

  3. Seriously! The Lilly Pulitzer Collection sold out in minutes. Women just shoved entire racks into their carts. I was so sad. ☹️


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