Sunshine Day

Hello, Gorgeous!

It's a beautiful day in our neighborhood, picture perfect in fact. Days like this pump my veins full of liquid sunshine. As dark and gloomy as it's been over the past few weeks around here and in the world at large, a little blue sky, sunshine, and happiness is a welcome change. That's not to say what's happening in the world at large isn't depressing, because it is. It's just that my capacity for outrage has expanded so far, it's good to take a day off and remember what makes life worth living. After all, that's what we're fighting for, right? If we let them steal our joy, we lose.

Carpe Gaudium!

I have a big meeting this afternoon, and I'm excited about it. We'll see where it leads. I'm going to try not to get too worked up about it because the road from here to there is long and winding. It's best to go into pitch meetings flexible and wide open. This is one of my attempts to #disruptaging, so it would be very cool and very exciting if it all comes to fruition. Can't say much more, which is likely annoying to you, gentle reader. Do forgive.

In other news, I've been on a needlepoint binge this week. I forgot how much fun it is! It's funny, because I am generally averse to anything that requires small, detail work. Yet, here I am, the original impatient crafter, stitching away for hours. I'm not even getting upset when I have to rip stitches out, which is fairly often because I'm still getting into the groove. In fact, this week's Lady Party LIVE was a Sunday Crafternoon embroidery extravaganza!

Get into the groove, make that needle move, embroidery!

My apologies to Madonna, or 'Also Madge' as I like to call her.

Hey, I have the license plate. So there.

With that, I'm off to prepare for my meeting and soak up some happy. Happy Madge is so much better than Grumpy Madge. I'm just sayin'.

I hope you have a magical, happy day.


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