Shit, Meet Fan

It's time for another update on the #WorstCircusEver. The shit keeps hitting the fan, folks, and it's hard to maintain your outrage and your focus with this much crap flying at your face.


Or better yet, get a hazmat suit. You're going to need it to breathe in a few years.

Let's start with healthcare, which is personal for me. I am an independent contractor and I have asthma. Contrary to the talking points of this asshat, it's not because I'm a bad person. However, it's pretty clear he is. In the first 100 days of horror, they have attempted to 'repeal and replace' the ACA three times. It looks like the third time just might be the charm. Yup, Ayn Ryan finally gets his wet dream giving millions more dollars to the needy rich and making health insurance a luxury that most of us plebeians will no longer be able to afford. After all, being a woman (especially a woman who has been raped) is a pre-existing condition in their misogynistic playbook. Let's hear it for the boys! On second thought, screw that noise.

Don't fret though, they made sure to exempt themselves and their families from these draconian rules. How cool is that? That's right, you won't be able to afford health insurance, but you get to fund 75% of the luxury insurance these shifty sons of bitches and their spouses get for life.

Sick pools? Dive in honey, the water's fine! Well maybe not fine, but you'd better pay for it. Sure, it's going to make you sicker, but that's not our problem. Can't afford your health insurance because you've been priced out of the market place by being shoved into the deep end? It's all good! You can always move! I mean, duh.

Handicapped kids? They're so...inconvenient. Stick them in a wheelchair and shove it off a cliff.

Death panels? We told you they were coming. Welcome to Get Well or Die Already, the newest reality competition show from the GOP! Sick people make everything so #sad. Make way for the wealthy and healthy, folks.

You thought education was a right? Pish posh. Keep 'em poorly educated, like 45 likes 'em.

Get those lazy poor kids to work! No more overtime pay, no more workers rights, no more costly public schools. Those nimble fingers need to get busy building that wall for the Twitterer in Chief.

While we're here, you can kiss healthy lunches goodbye. Square 'pizza', soggy green beans, and something that resembles pudding were good enough for us, and they're good enough for you.

Now if we can just get rid of those irritating sanctions, we can really let the good times, and the oil flow. C'mon Rex, we know you can do it! Give our regards to Vlad. Keep it on the DL while 45 distracts them with crazy tweets.

Are you Radical "Christian" Extremist? Congratulations! As of today, you'll be free to use your religion as an excuse to freely discriminate. What would Jesus do? Who cares. He was a homeless, lazy, socialist. Feed the poor and care for the sick? Was he nuts? Starve the poor and screw the sick. All Hail Jahweh, the jealous and angry god! Let the smoting begin!

Calling all dictators! There's an open call at the Summer White House! Casting requirements: ruthless, shameless, murderous alpha males, the nastier the better. You'll get the red carpet treatment from this Predator-in-Chief. Submit a video explaining why you want to be America's Top Dictator Buddy. Who will get the rose? Vlad? Kim? Rodrigo? Recep? Bashar?

Let's take a moment of silence for the environment. Clean air, clean water, clean soil? Those are entitlements, folks. We're going to legitimately rape this planet until it's all used up, then we're on our way to Mars. Can't afford the lifeboat, oh well.

Lest we forget, Russia, Russia, Russia. Pay no attention to the man behind the iron curtain. We've got distractions a plenty! Though it's not looking so good for a second term, which means we are assured a further flurry of executive orders and bills being pushed through before the #worstcircusever gets the hook.

As far as this blogger is concerned, we can't get rid of this cadre of complicit Kremlin cronies soon enough.

Stay angry, my friends. Viva la resistance!


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  1. Much anger I sense in you, anger leads to fear and fear to the dark side.
    (Keep up the fight!)


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