Lady Party LIVE Memorial Day Weekend

Hello, Gorgeous!

This past Friday evening we had a delightful Lady Party. It was a smaller soiree than usual, being a holiday weekend. We talked about navigating negativity on the internet, creating connection, and finding hope in divided times. That's an ongoing theme around here. As we become increasingly distracted and divided, we need hope to pull us through. We need to keep reminding ourselves that even in the darkest days, there is light.

Except for this spring here in PA, where it's been positively dismal. This makes taking photographs challenging. If we don't get some sunshine here soon, I'm about to take up permanent residence on the couch in protest. Blergh.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people...and sun seeking minds discuss the weather. Amirite?

If you'd like to read the essays I share in the show, you can find them here and here. If you'd like the recipe for The Manchurian Candidate Cocktail, you can find that here. If you'd like to watch The Lady Party LIVE next week, you can join us here at 8pm EDT on Friday night.

So many links, so little time!

Enjoy The Lady Party LIVE (recording!) I'll be back later in the week with a thoughtful essay or two on something or other. Who knows where the rain and the #worstcircusever might take us. Whee.


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