The Lady Party Replay: Reinvention

 Hello, Gorgeous!

Happy Monday! It's positively spring like around these parts, flowers are blooming, chickens are rolling around in the dust, baby lambs are leaping and hopping with glee. Speaking of glee, a good time was had by all at The Lady Party LIVE on Friday. If you missed it, grab the replay below. We had some champagne, I read some essays, we talked about reinvention, I sang a song. The usual.

I'm still figuring out the format for The Lady Party LIVE, like everything in my world it's a work in progress. You'd think at my age, I'd have a clear sense of direction, but the truth is I'm feeling less inclined toward definitive directions these days. My multi-pronged pu pu platter approach may make the most sense. It keeps things interesting and it opens up multiple horizons and opportunities for expansion.

Or something like that.

In other news you probably didn't need but I'm sharing anyway, yesterday was a menopause roller coaster ride. This is weird because I kinda thought I was through the worst of it. All I can say is that Mr. Potter has the patience of a saint. I eased some of the heat and crazy by busying myself with the creation of a concoction I have dubbed Tie Dye Peeps Bark. It's surrounding my image in the graphic above. I have to admit, it did cheer me up and it was pretty tasty. If you're so inclined, you can get the recipe on Cocktails Cupcakes Crafts. That's the site where I make stuff and share tutorials. It's mostly for my own edification and entertainment, but you may find something of DIY value there.

With that, I bid thee adieu. I'm off to run errands, grab some fabric for a photo backdrop, and decide which prong of my multi-pronged approach jingles my bells this afternoon. I'll be Lady Partying this Friday Night at 8pm EDT on Facebook Live. Slip on some PJs, pour yourself a tasty beverage, and join the conversation!


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