The Lady Party Replay Mercury Retrograde Edition

Hello, Gorgeous!

Last week's The Lady Party LIVE was a bit of a roller coaster ride. Our guest, Whitney Arthur The Energetic Intuitive, talked about what's coming in for April, which amounts to a convergence of retrogrades. Or as I called it, a cluster fuck of retrograde.

We're keping it real, people.

Or maybe more like keeping it surreal.

Get the scoop in our two part video extravaganza. Mercury retrograde was having some fun at our expense, but we kinda asked for it.

Part One

Part Two

In other news, as per the collage above, I met a L'il Sebastian lookalike tiny horse, there are my new (affiliate link) Kate Spade glasses, and I baked a tasty Coconut Lemon Curd Easter Cake

Tune in this Friday at 8pm ET to join the conversation LIVE!


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