Updates from the Sick Ward or Let Them Eat Brownies

Every spring I am pummeled by a proliferation of pollen that propagates in my sinuses and lungs to produce a preponderance of phlegm. This leads to a pesky post-nasal drip that ushers in a sinus infection or bronchitis or both. This is not fun. Knowing this is a probability does not stave off the inevitability. Would that I had a plastic bubble or a tropical hideaway far from the hardwood trees and grasses that assault me relentlessly through mid-Summer. I get a short reprieve until Autumn, when leaf molds, hay, goldenrod, and ragweed emerge triumphant in a newly energized attack. In the winter months, as long as it gets cold enough, I get a second reprieve. Though I find the lack of light disappointing. It's always something. Wah, wah.

This is my annual and sometimes bi-annual week of sinusitis/bronchitis and it's been a doozy. Knowing that it will not exit stage left or right unless I put on the brakes, I have been resting. My husband is on the other side of the globe, so I have been in solitary confinement. There has been binge watching involved, and sleeping, and drinking of fluids, and trying my best to fight the urge to just do 'a little' work. Tapping at a keyboard, after all, is not so taxing. Still, it requires sitting at a desk and not draping myself over a couch with a blanket, a glass of water, and a box of Kleenex. Therefore, I've refrained, until now. Though only momentarily, the couch awaits my most auspicious return.

My current physical state along with the state of the floors in this tiny apartment is best described as terrifying. The heady combination of elements that creates errant poufs of fluffy stuff I call 'spiderdogwebhair' has gone into overdrive since I have been unable to battle it and the tiny spiders back with a Hoover and a steely resolve. I'm not sure, because thankfully our olfactory nerves are mostly immune to our own odours, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I stink. I wish we had a bathtub at times such as this, because a long soak in some lavender might do my lungs, my appearance, and my potential stench some good. Yet, we do not have a bath tub, and the thought of dragging myself down the stairs to the tiny shower in the tiny bathroom in the tack room in the barn lacks a certain appeal. The gymnastics required to shave and wash my various parts in the tiny stall exhaust me just thinking about them. Imagine the showers at summer camp, insert spiders. Eek.

I am running out of food. Lacking the energy to hitch up the horses to procure fresh supplies, yesterday I did what any sane, sick, hungry individual would do in this situation and baked a tray of brownies from scratch. You can see them in extreme close-up above. They are the perfect combination of cake-like top and gooey fudge bottoms. I added Toll House chocolate chips, which infuse them with cool bites of semi-sweet chocolate. They took moments to make and they are incredible. I will provide the recipe when I feel human again on my Cocktails Cupcakes Crafts blog, probably early next week. Stay tuned!

This morning, after enjoying my first delicious brownie of the day with a mug of fresh brewed coffee, I stumbled down to the barn and out to the field to release my sister-in-law's chickens from the hen house. One of her little black lambs had escaped the paddock and was racing frantically on the other side of the fence bleating distress calls while her black sheep mama and sister raced frantically around the inside of the fence bleating back. I managed, through no small feat of calm cooing, gentle beckoning, and sheer determination, to reunite baby with mama by coercing it through a small opening in the fence next to the barn. This was my good deed of the day.

Like most good deeds, it was vastly unappreciated. The trio of reunited sheep shrugged, turned tail, and sauntered off. I believe I heard the mother say, "Whatever."

"Whatever, indeed, ungrateful ewe."

And with that, I have updated the internets with a scintillating play by play of my week up until now. I know you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats anticipating a new blog post with bated breath. Or perhaps not... Sadly, due to my current physical state, I'm afraid The Lady Party LIVE will be postponed this week. Do forgive. I shall return next Friday, fresh as a daisy, clean as a whistle, and smelling like a rose. So many clich├ęs, so little time.

Baa, baa, black sheep...

...oh never mind.

Let them eat brownies. 



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