FriYAY, Lady Party Live, and My New Book!

Well, hello there!

It's Fri-YAY!

Or maybe it's just Friday, that depends on your perspective. Either way, it's a day. So there's that. Plus I've already used TWO exclamation points which indicates a heightened level of excitement. Thusly, for me it is FriYAY! Oh look, a THIRD exclamation point, this really is getting exciting.

It's also the day of the week whereupon we toss back a few tasty beverages and Madge muses on whatever crawls up her... Well, you get the idea. I may have a guest, but I'm not sure. They've not RSVP'd yet. Tune into Facebook Live at 8pm EST and we'll find out together.

I have no idea where the night and the champagne cheap Prosecco may take us, but that's part of the fun, n'est pas?

I have some exciting news to share. The ink has finally dried on the contract for my new book with Sterling Publishing. It's a full length, hardcover humorous book of essays, poems, listicles, and kick ass advice on life after 50. I've finished writing the first draft. This morning I did a flurry of last minute edits removing quotes and adding a new essay. You are supposed to get permission for quotes and I don't want to chase all of these people down, especially the dead ones. I think I shall dive back in one last time this afternoon and do some more finagling and fine tuning.

Next I will hand my first draft manuscript over to my editor and hope it comes back without too much red ink. We have not settled on a title yet, but I'm personally hoping for Welcome to The Lady Party. I feel that title fully encapsulates the spirit of the book and the author. I am not quite sure of the release date, because things may have been pushed back a skootch. It is tentatively scheduled for Fall of 2017. That may change.

It's beginning to sound like I am clueless about my new book. I do know this, it's a book. I am the writer of the book. It's funny, it's poignant, it's thought provoking, it's unapologetic, and it's hopefully going to inspire other women over 50 to age disgracefully or age gracefully or to age in whatever manner they choose.

I'm re-writing the scripts on getting older, because I find them limiting and absurd. I don't wish to make myself smaller to make other people comfortable. I never have, why the hell would I start now? If other people are uncomfortable, that's entirely their problem.

I am interested in comfortable pants though, preferably stretchy ones.

I am three notches too loud. Five notches too sparkly. Aging disgracefully. And I am just getting this party started, people! #over50andfearless

Join us tonight for a little contract signing book celebration on The Lady Party LIVE! Cheers, darling!


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