Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion: The Lady Party Live

Hello, Gorgeous!

As promised, here is last Friday's The Lady Party Live.

I'm couch bound today and feeling shingle-y. I flew a little too close to the sun this past weekend. Alas. This week's politically charged reindeer hatted soiree was a recap of the week in politics with some poetry, a reading from Coretta Scott King's 1986 statement to Congress, and a musical number. We like to mix it up around these parts. Facebook has adjusted their live video orientation again, so do forgive the weird top heavy skinny video. We will shoot in portrait next week. They keep futzing around with the live platform. Yet, they won't let me broadcast from my laptop or my PC. Apparently they are 'rolling this feature out', which translates to who knows when I'll be fortunate enough to use it. Until then, I'll keep rolling with their roll outs. You can catch the video below, the graphic above is just a graphic...so it won't play. Sorry if that was confusing, my bad.

I'm going back to rest up, so I'll leave you to enjoy The Lady Party Live recording. You can join us live on Fridays at 8pm EST and join us here on The Lady Party on the regular.


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