Dear GOP:

Hello, it's me.

I see you hiding under that desk.

I am a citizen of this great nation. I am an entrepreneur. I am a mother. I am a tax payer. I am a voter.

I am one of millions of people who have had enough of your shenanigans. We are not paid protestors. We are not trained agitators. We are not being bussed in to your occasional last minute half assed Town Halls. We are your constituents. You know damn well who we are, so stop with the garbage talking points because they stink.

We are not backing down and we are not going away. The more you poke us, the more we will rise up and be joined by millions more. Your own voters are rising up, and that should have you concerned. This ain't no tea party, this is a revolution.

We, the people, don't like our tax dollars being funneled into the pockets of the kleptocrats. We're funny like that.

I find it fascinating that the party that drones on about the evils of big government can't seem to keep themselves out of women's vaginas, gay people's bedrooms, and transgender people's bathroom stalls. You are willing to spend billions on jails, walls, wars, tax breaks for the top 1%, mass deportation, and the Trump Family Circus but you whine endlessly about spending far less on schools, the arts, healthcare, and protecting our air, water, and soil. You know, when you aren't cozying up to big oil, kowtowing to your corporate overlords, defunding social services, privatizing education, and getting a boner for Ayn Rand.

I hold no illusions that politicians on either side of the aisle are free from the influence of lobbyists and big donors. However one side of the aisle seems intent on rolling back all of the progress people fought and died to gain. We are not okay with that, in case you haven't gotten the memo.

We are paying attention and your lies and misdirection are not working.

We want to see his taxes. We want you to investigate Russian influence in this corrupt election. We want Steve Bannon and his coterie of alt right nut jobs to be shown the door. We want you to fix healthcare, not replace it. We want you to improve public education, not destroy it. We want you to protect our air, water, and soil, not poison them. We want you to spend our tax dollars improving the day to day lives of your constituents. We want you to stop working for big oil and start working for us. We want you to stand up and speak out when hateful racist agendas are given credence by this White House.

We want you out of our bedrooms, our private parts, and our freedoms.

Don't think we didn't notice that you did not do your job for 8 years. We noticed. Your Snake Oil Salesman president brought to us From Russia, with Love, is an embarrassment. You may be able hold your noses, but we can't. We see what you're doing to our rights while the #worstcircusever tries to deflect our attention. Cut it the fuck out. Walk your talk or we'll see you in the streets, on the web, at your offices, and most importantly, we will see you at the ballot boxes. You will see some of us running against you at the polls.

You'd better get ready, because a tsunami is on the way and it is gaining speed.

You may silence some of us, but you cannot silence all of us.

Don't forget for a moment that you work for us. DO YOUR JOB, or get ready for the American people to collectively yell, "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Margot Potter

(PS: Dear DNC, don't think you're off the hook. Get your shit together and start holding their feet to the fire or we'll be coming for you too. Take a cue from Representative Maxine Waters, because she is SLAYING it right now. I'm going to leave this here, because y'all need to pay attention: Maxine Waters for President 2020. Hell, yes.)

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