Watch Us Rise: The Women's March on Washington DC


This coming Saturday I will be joining several hundred thousand people in DC and hundreds of thousands more across the globe for the Women's March on Washington. I'm marching because I believe that every single person should be treated equally under the law. I want a future for my daughter where her gender does not limit her and her potential is limitless. I want this for everyone. I am marching to celebrate what we have achieved. I am marching to protect the progress that is under threat and to propel the progress that is yet to come. I am marching to encourage civility, inclusion, peace, freedom, kindness, opportunity, and equality.

I can't speak for everyone or for every experience, no one can. We can only speak from our own point of view, honor other points of view, and reach out to find commonality. Every single person and their experience of reality is unique. That's the wonder and beauty of being. That uniqueness doesn't have to separate us, it can and should be what binds us together.
E Pluribus Unum-out of many, one.

The poem below is an excerpt from the manuscript of the book I am currently writing about being a woman over 50 in a culture obsessed with youth. It is slated for publication fall 2017. If you are interested in knowing more about the book, The Lady Party and The Lady Party Live, you can sign up for The Lady Party newsletter.

Watch Us Rise (Glass Ceiling)

We came close, 18 million cracks, 
And then they rolled our progress back. 
They crowned a predator-in-chief, 
We suffered from collective grief. 

Calm down, get back, shut up, they cried, 
No birth control, no equal rights! 
Education? Not for the masses, 
That’s reserved for the upper classes.

The alt-right's misogynistic bent, 
Fueled our Twitterpated president. 
Grab ‘em by the pussy, smack them in the face! 
Teach them to be quiet, make them learn their place. 

Women should be seen, not heard, 
Girls in STEM? Well, that’s absurd. 
Let them focus on giving birth, 
We’ll be the judge of their self-worth. 

We knitted hats and painted signs, 
Laced up our boots and spoke our minds. 
We will not break, we will not bend, 
You will not silence us again. 

We marched for freedom and equal rights,
We joined hands to stand and fight.
"Hear our voice!" our rallying cry, 
Stronger together, watch us rise. 

Do you hear that? That's the sound of glass breaking. We can do it, together.


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