The Lady Party Live: Love Trumps Fear

Hello, Gorgeous!

It's Monday. Another week of distraction, misdirection, and chaos lies ahead, and I'm trying my damn-dest to stay focused on good stuff. Alas, that is becoming increasingly difficult. I am amazed to see how many folks on social media are insisting that everything is fine and dandy. Ignorance may be bliss, but willful ignorance is the reason we're in this muckity muck.

But, but Obama...blah, blah, blah... Stop grasping at paper straws. This is not the same.

Not even close.

Dig deeper, folks, the shit is starting to pile high.

In other news, I'm afraid I may be developing shingles. This is not good stuff. We are changing health insurance again on the 1st and I don't have a new family doctor to replace the old one until the new insurance activates. Of course that's only until the new insurance is rescinded due to my asthma. So, this should be fun. Whee.

Finally, in case you missed it, last week's The Lady Party Live was an epic rant from yours truly. it is an epic rant on diligence, staying informed, and most of all on being kind. Nothing is more powerful than the politics of fear and division, except for the power of love. Love trumps fear, folks.

With that, I bid you adieu. I'm going to try to knock out the final 8k words on my first draft of the new book just in case the shingles thing that I hope is not happening is happening. I realize we're all stretched thin on well wishes and good thoughts, but if you have a few to spare I will receive them gratefully.



  1. Best of luck with your health issues!

    I think our best bet for the next four years is hold our noses, raise hell when he does something unconstitutional, and hope a strong Democratic leader emerges. He has already alienated so many groups of people, I think he'll be a one-term president.


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