My Happy Bubble

I'm a college educated liberal. I'm a writer, actress, artist, consultant, on camera talent, and vocalist. I am an entrepreneur. Contrary to the rantings of the Man with the Golden Toilet and the wealthy, well connected conservative pundits who insist on making sweeping observations from their own gilded bubbles, I am not an elitist or out of touch with the day to day realities of the common man. I live them day to day. I was raised by a single mother without child support from our father, and she taught me how to be self sufficient and strong. She also showed me how to be thoughtful and loving. My college degree was paid for by my willingness to work while attending school and take on student loans which I have been paying every single month for almost 20 years. No one handed me anything. I didn't get a tidy sum of starter cash or the business connections of my successful parents or a cushy job in my father's company or the best schools and the best opportunities they afford. I wasn't bailed out by Russian Oligarchs after my sixth bankruptcy. I don't stiff people who work for me or sue people who insult me. I am not coddled and stroked by a cache of sleazy sycophants and selfish suck-ups. Everything I have achieved has been through my own hard work and tenacity. Everything I have done has been driven by my willingness to risk, dare, dream, and get up every day and do the hard work.

I do have a bubble. I call my bubble The Happy Bubble 2.0. I built it a few years back, because I wanted to live a life of integrity, kindness, and beauty. I stopped allowing negative people to have control over my happiness. I walked away from anything that did not serve my joy. I made it my driving goal to be kind and to build a world where civility, connection, and creativity reigned supreme. I opted out of the myth of competition. My idea of success shifted away from having more stuff and shifted towards making my corner of the world a better place.

If building a bubble where kindness counts, truth matters, common courtesy is celebrated, small kindnesses are performed without fanfare, giving is valued above taking, people are more important than profits, and love trumps fear makes me out of touch, count me in. I don't believe for a second that the pundits and partisan politicians claiming ownership of the 'uneducated' (their term, not mine) masses have the slightest clue what it means to decide between buying medicine or food. Their condescending folk speak doesn't fool me. Partisan politics and the lies told to divide and conquer are distractions. Fear is a powerful emotion and easily manufactured with carefully targeted messaging.

I know the deeper truth, because I have lifted the veil and looked into the abyss. There is no other. There is no division. Lines on maps are not real. Money is just paper and stamped metal we've agreed has value. Wars are fought to line the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of the poor. Corporations are sociopaths, with a sole driving focus on making money for shareholders and CEOs. Most politicians care more about winning elections and serving their donors than they do about the needs of the people they were elected to represent. The deck is stacked and the game is rigged in favor of the richest of the rich and the most powerful of the powerful. The mainstream media is financed by corporate interests and focused on ratings and advertising dollars. It's not liberal or conservative, it's opportunistic. Our government is an oligarchy. Our elections have been rigged through gerrymandering and voter suppression. There is no war on Christmas or Christianity, but there is a war on civility and human kindness being waged by opportunists who pretend to be religious. I believe in the golden rule and that I am my brother's keeper. Liberals are not all out of touch urban elites and conservatives are not all 'uneducated' rural poor people.

I also know that love is the the only thing that is real and the more we give it, the more we receive. The glass is not half full or half empty, it's a vessel and the universe gives free refills.

We get to choose where we place our focus and how we live our lives.

The opinions of other people do not affect my opinion of myself, at the end of the day the only person to whom I am accountable is me. I'm good with that. I'm a work in progress and that work will cease when I cease to exist. If other people dislike me, I can't control that. I don't get to cast myself in other people's movies, but I can opt out of the cast list by exiting stage left.

I live in a bubble, but everyone does. We all have a personal mythology. We all have a unique life perspective based on our personal experiences. No two people will ever see any situation the same way. Reality is shaped by our perspective but it can also be reshaped if we shift our perspective. Our minds are elastic, the truth is subjective, time and space are illusions.

Those who live in gilded bubbles should think twice before tossing stones. Eventually, the folks that they have bamboozled are going to realize the truth, that everything they were promised was a lie. One can only hope they do before the circling vultures have cleaned out the coffers and made off with the American Dream. I take comfort in the knowledge that this level of unfettered greed and unabashed entitlement usually doesn't end well. Just ask Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette...

That about covers it. In the meantime, I'll be here in my happy bubble, folks. 


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