Hello, Gorgeous,

TGIF. I really fucking mean that this week. TGIFF, there, that's more like it. Somehow I lost a day. I woke up convinced it was Thursday. How did that happen?

Wait, I know how it happened.

Honestly, I feel as if I'm walking around in a stupor. Everything hurts. My soul aches. I'm watching friends turn on friends, family members turn on family members, everyone telling everyone else to shut up, people running around in a panic because the sky is falling. Looking at the potential cabinet picks, I'm afraid it might be. It appears the swamp is being drained so the muck can be raked for the crap stuck to the bottom. Yup, nothing new to see here, but we knew that already. I will not say goodbye to my rights and the rights of my friends, family, and fellow citizens without a fight, folks.

And then there are the posts on social media from friends who are experiencing hateful, horrible attacks, threats, and intimidation. Something dark and disturbing has been unleashed and we must fight it. We can't go backwards. We must march forward, bravely, together.

Every week I host a live video event on Facebook called The Lady Party. As it is Friday, and I have a virtual guest, the party is on. Whee.

Is anyone feeling festive, I mean besides the people who keep telling everyone else to calm down?

For the record, I'm not feeling festive and I refuse to calm down.

After I finish these five stages: 1. Denial and isolation 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance.

Wait, not doing acceptance, sorry.

After I finish these four stages: 1. Denial and isolation 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression

I'm planning on entering into a different final stage: 5: Action

My first agenda, bring back the ERA and get it ratified. How does that sound, women? I mean, let's be honest, how could a woman possibly become president when we don't even have equal rights under the law?

I realize this is crazy talk, considering the new administration. Still, if we can start here than we will have officially empowered the other half of the population.

Okay, that's my happy thought for today. Join me and my delightful guest Kory Kight-Pagala on Facebook Live. You can access live at 8pm EST or watch the recording later on my Facebook Page. I'll post the recording here Monday.

Forward ho,

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