Retain Wonder

(Pinnacle Overlook-Susquehanna River-All Rights Reserved)

Oh look, it's Friday again!

I lost a day this week. This is becoming a pattern. I wonder, if I save up all of the days that I lose can I use them for a vacation?

Is that a thing?

If not, let's make it a thing, shall we?

If you're looking for a big bowl of self-righteous indignation flakes, I'm fresh out for today. Oh, don't despair, I'm baking up a fresh batch as I type. Still, if I can't hang on to the things that make this life worth living, then I'm screwed. It's possible to remain diligent and retain wonder. Those two things are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the act of retaining wonder is a form of diligence. Without that, what is left?

The water in this gorge is below sea level. It's not clear, even to geologists, how these 'deeps' were formed. It's humbling to sit and look over the ridge and see something this magnificent and mysterious...and deep. Long after we are gone, this will remain.

Retain wonder, it's crucial to retaining joy even in the face of uncertainty.

Oh and toss on your PJs, pour yourself a cuppa what pleases ya, and join us tonight at 8pm EST on The Lady Party Live. 

In solidarity,

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