How to Dress for the Resistance

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Hello, Gorgeous!

Being a fashionista and a rebel presents a few style challenges. I may be a feminist, but I'm not giving up on my pink hair or my love of lip gloss. Feel a rebellion coming on? If you, too, feel the pull between looking fabulous and saving the world from ruin, fret not my pet. I've got you covered with a Girl's Guide to How to Dress for the Resistance.

First up, safety pins are o-u-t out. Sorry, gals, but the authority has spoken and we must acquiesce. We'll just have to find another way to say, "Hey, we're all in this shit storm together." Perhaps a peace sign or a hot pink heart patch? What say ye, people of the internets? You have so many opinions! Let 'em rip!

Let's face facts, organizing and protesting takes a lot of time leaving fewer hours in the day for styling your coif. Marching in the wind, rain, snow, and cold means your hair do can become a hair don't fairly quickly. Might we suggest a jaunty beret? They come in so many colors and they give the rebel a touch of that je ne sais quoi. Berets for all! All for berets! Mais oui!

From the top of our heads, to the tips of our toes. All of that walking takes a terrible toll on the tootsies. Take a cue from the military and try a stylish combat boot! We libs have the right to the trifecta of footwear: style, comfort, and kick ass-ability. Don't forget steel toes for extra ass kicking potential. Style bonus: a smattering of metal spikes offer stylish and useful enhancements.

Skirts or pants? An age old question, and one each rebel will have to decide for herself. I'm of the mind that a great pair of jeans is a girl's best friend, but perhaps black tights and an a-line mini are more your cuppa? 

Don't dismiss the power of a statement t-shirt, especially tucked under cool cardi. This combo really packs a lot of punch. #uppity? Hell, yes.

Finally, a pair of chunky knit fingerless gloves complete the look and keep you warm on those long protests. 

Et voila, Nasty Woman, welcome to the resistance.


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