Imperfect Strangers

Yesterday, I was called a "Pink Pussyhat Wearing Pig" by a perfect stranger. Truth told, he was more of an imperfect stranger, though truth told, so am I. This man knew absolutely nothing about me. He had a mythology and sought evidence to confirm my lack of humanity. How could I, a person whom he has never met posting a simple comment about the lack of civility in our political discourse among our elected officials have ANY reason to be considered a person with thoughts and feelings worth respecting?

Nevertheless, Keep Persisting

Hello, Fabulous People,

It is me, Madge, Margot, Head Lady of the Lady Party!

I thought I'd take a moment to share a little realness with the class. For the past eight years, I have been fighting an uphill battle trying to reset my career and forge bold new directions. I have dipped my toe into all manner of pools, tried all manner of approaches. I have sometimes failed, often floundered, occasionally flourished, and all of the f-words that fall in between. Including a judicious smattering of juicy 'eff you see kays' peppered along the path.

Your Semi-Regular Russia Refresher

Well, folks, it's time for a refresher on the never ending vodka soaked #worstcircusever straight from the Kremlin! That's right, it's our latest installment in Russia Russia Russia, the story that is so painfully obvious it isn't even bothering to lurk in the shadows in a trench coat and a funny accent. Nope, this Boris Badenov mother fucker shut your mouth is straight up standing in the sunlight with arms open wide begging to be noticed.

You Define You

Hello, Gorgeous!

Perhaps the most challenging thing about turning 50 is confronting the idea that it means you are old. It's a big number, I get that, but it's a number. The day before you turned 50 were 49. One day or one year or ten years do not shift the essence of you that much. Sure, there are changes to your countenance, the result of gravity, sunlight, inflammation, diet, hormones, and exercise, and as you get older you evolve or devolve in your thinking. Still, the core of you is the same, what has changed is what you've experienced and how that has helped you become There are 50-year old people who act and look 30 and 50-year old people who act and look 70 and all of the myriad of states of acting and being in between.