Just Another Lady Party

Greetings and Salutations,

It's hard to believe, but it's that Madge-ical time once again. That's right, folks. It's time for another episode of The Lady Party Live tonight on FB Live at 8pm EST! (Insert riotous applause here.) I'll be your hostess with the mostest, (or is that mostess?) either way it's a solo show.

Just Madge, the Musical.

Tune in tonight to see what random rant spews forth from my lips. Sing along with me and the Three Dogmigos. Join the fun in the comment section. It's guaranteed to be more fun than a jar full of glitter...and much less messy. But it will be just as sparkly.

Lord knows we can use all of the sparkle we can get this week. It's been like a ride on the Tower of Terror, only we aren't getting off so y'all best stay buckled up. With that I've used up my daily allotment of metaphors.

Be there or be somewhere else. Whatever.



  1. Thanks, I'm enjoyin the lady party Friday nights.

  2. Thank you for joining the party! Cheers, Madge


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