Holiday Home Tour Lady Party!

Hello, Gorgeous,

You're invited to a Holiday Home Tour Lady Party this Friday evening at 8pm EST on Facebook Live. We're going to put the ho in your ho ho and the ding in your dong, folks.

I'm calling it a Holi-Lady Party. Because I can, galdangy.

We've decked the halls, humble as they may be, and we're excited to have you join us. The royal us, or the Royal We, or the royal me. Okay, Mr. Potter will be lurking just outside of the camera frame and making the occasional comment. Plus the three dogs will be lounging about and giving me bored sidelong glances. They may chime in if I sing a Christmas Carol a wee bit too loudly. Which brings us back to US!

Phew, I wasn't sure where that was going.

I haven't concocted a holiday cocktail yet, but I'm thinking something with peppermint and hot chocolate...and miniature marshmallows... Feel free to whip up something divine along these lines and share your recipe in the comments at the party! Think of it as a Holi-Lady Party challenge.

Oh, my, it's getting festive up in here.


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