Festive Over 50 Fashion

Over 50 and feeling flummoxed about what to wear to your holiday soiree? The internets are filled with 'experts' who will be thrilled to tell you how hideous you look if you don't 'tone down' your choices and 'age gracefully.' Don't wear glitter! Don't wear prints! Don't wear bright colors!

Madges Mystery Craft Boxes

They're back! They're stuffed to the gills with crafty good fun! They're LIMITED in quantity, so get 'em while we've got 'em, folks.

About That Tax Bill

Living in this time, in this country, is like living in the beginning of a Dystopian nightmare. Every day is a fresh assault, every tweet another nail in the coffin of our republic. Through a stealth campaign of gerrymandering, voter suppression, collusion with a hostile foreign power, fake news propaganda from right wing media, and shameless lies, we've been witnessing a bloodless coup. Our government has been taken over by a cabal of elites and their evil minions, who are, as I type, preparing to pass the most egregious bill in modern history. They're not even hiding it anymore. If you didn't pay, you don't get to play. Trump Tax is a yuge holiday gift to the 1% wrapped in a big gilded bow while the rest of us get coal in our stockings and a big fat 'fa la la la la la fuck you very much.'

Look Ma, No Hands

Apparently, my blogging slump as ceased. Here I am, blogging again. Look ma, no hands!