Mad King Donald

Wow. It's been a while. Do forgive. I have been busy with life and such. Now I'm not as busy, but it's fall so all bets are off. I'm mostly trying to survive the daily assault on decency, hope, opportunity, possibility, and joy coming from the #worstcircusever in DC. They're taking our health insurance, our unfettered access to birth control, our clean air and clean water...and apparently they're going to force us to all say, "Merry Christmas", even though absolutely no one ever stopped anyone from saying it. Personally, I prefer Cool Yule or Swinging Saturnalia, since most of what people do at Christmas is stolen from the pagans anyway. Let's go all the way back, if we're going there. I vote we bring Krampus back, and he starts with a visit to the Oval Office.

Amor & Rosas

Hello, Gorgeous!

You may not know that my husband and I owned a Fair Trade art and craft gallery for five years. We had beautiful handcrafted creations from artists all over the globe, including a large selection of items from Mexico. Fair Trade is different from Free Trade, when goods are fairly traded, the artisans are being fairly compensated for their work. They're working in safe conditions and being treated with respect and dignity. Fair Trade goods are often created by women, and they help these women to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

Cul de Sac

Hello darkness my old friend...

It's the first day of autumn and I'm right on schedule for my annual bout of brooding Irish melancholia. Woot. Fall is a time for turning inward, shedding illusions, reflecting, and resetting. The chartreuse rebirth of spring came to fruition in the lush, deep, green foliage of summer. And now, as the leaves turn a panoply of gold, red, orange, yellow, and brown, they begin to wither and cascade from the trees. We are all heading back down, down, down into the abyss of darkness. The cycle of birth, death, repose, and rebirth continues endlessly.

Lambo Pet Carrier Review

The fab folks from Pet Magasin recently sent  us a Lambo convertible back pack/pet carrier to take on a test drive. We have three dogs, but Charlie is the only one who likes being carried around. He not only likes being carried around, he loves it. We've tried all manner of carriers and makeshift carrying solutions, including a large fleece blanket wrapped and knotted into a sling which we dubbed the Fur-ever Baby. First things first, this is a serious upgrade from the Fur-ever Baby.