News from the Couch

Welcome to News from the Couch...or Can I get some Whine to go with this Post?

Hey there hep cats and hep kitties! It's day 11 of the creeping lung crud and I'm still not ready for prime time. This is disappointing. It's frustrating. It's maddening. I like being busy. I'm a 'get up and do stuff kinda gal.' Forcing myself to be a 'sit on the couch and do nothing kinda gal' has been difficult. However, the one day I felt better I got up and did too much stuff. Note to self: Don't get cocky.

Pandora's Hope: Reclaiming the Divine Feminine

I have been developing a theory over the past so many years. My theory is admittedly 'sexist', in that it revolves around the belief that the majority of world culture has been constructed upon the myth of male superiority. The acceptance of this myth as fact requires women to be compliant and complicit. Beneath this myth is another myth, that men cannot control their biological urges.

Updates from the Sick Ward or Let Them Eat Brownies

Every spring I am pummeled by a proliferation of pollen that propagates in my sinuses and lungs to produce a preponderance of phlegm. This leads to a pesky post-nasal drip that ushers in a sinus infection or bronchitis or both. This is not fun. Knowing this is a probability does not stave off the inevitability. Would that I had a plastic bubble or a tropical hideaway far from the hardwood trees and grasses that assault me relentlessly through mid-Summer. I get a short reprieve until Autumn, when leaf molds, hay, goldenrod, and ragweed emerge triumphant in a newly energized attack. In the winter months, as long as it gets cold enough, I get a second reprieve. Though I find the lack of light disappointing. It's always something. Wah, wah.

In Celebration of Nonsense, Wonder and Magic

Hello, Gorgeous!

It's time for a little nonsense, don't you think? It's all been so heavy lately, so filled with such sturm und drang. I don't know about you, but I'm plum tuckered. The quote above is a favorite from my favorite film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I prefer the original, with Gene Wilder. Sorry, Johnny, but your Wonka was too weird. Gene captured the perfect blend of dark and light and that's where the real magic lives.